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Teknologia 21 focus areas

Teknologia 21, held in Messukeskus Helsinki, the leading event organiser in Finland,  is a major international technology and industry event whose different focus areas complement each other. It provides professionals of the field with a comprehensive overview of different industries. Brings together major, well-known operators as well as new, innovative entrepreneurs.

Teknologia 21 focuses on:

automation • electronics • hydraulics and pneumatics • sheet metal • mechanical engineering • AI and robotics • maintenance • ICT • 3D


Automation theme provides a meeting place for the decision-makers, experts, designers and users of automation solutions as well as companies presenting automation products and systems. The fair displays the latest in automation solutions for different industries. In collaboration with the Finnish Society of Automation.

Displayed under the automation theme:
• Process automation • Automation of single consignments • Power-plant automation • Industrial data systems • Remote monitoring • Safety technology • Backup power systems and equipment • Machine automation • Electricity production and transfer technology • Robotics • Building automation • Subcontracting services • Components • Design and consultation • Measurement and analysis • Research and training • Electric supply systems of plants • Electrical equipment and components • Operational technology • Services • Other services and products of the field


Electronics theme is represented in Teknologia19 event with a major overview of safety electronics, telecommunication and IT components and equipment, production equipment and contract manufacturing. In collaboration with ELKOMIT and EIS

Displayed under the electronics theme:
• Electronic components • Furniture • Materials and semi-manufactured products • Electronic safety machinery • Tools and armature • Measurement and testing equipment • Contract manufacturing and design • Other services and products of the field

Hydraulics and pneumatics

Hydraulics and pneumatics theme offers a meeting place for machine and equipment manufacturers and component suppliers. On display at the exhibition are hydraulics, pneumatics and water-hydraulics products and services. The target audience of the event comprises decision-makers, experts, designers and users in charge of procurement at mechanical engineering companies and production facilities in Finland and the neighbouring areas. In collaboration with FHPA.

Displayed under the hydraulics and pneumatics theme:
Rolling stock hydraulics • Industrial hydraulics • Marine and Offshore • Planning and Development • Machine Automation • IOT • Pneumatics

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering theme offers interesting products, encounters and program for decision-makers, experts, designers and users in charge of procurement at mechanical engineering companies, machine shops and process plants in Finland and the neighbouring areas. In collaboration with The Association of Finnish Technical Traders.

Displayed under the mechanical engineering theme:
• Mechanical transmission • Operational technology and control systems • Bearings and seals • Conveyor components • Mechanical components • Sensor technology • Hydraulics and pneumatics • Vehicle components • Central lubrication and cooling systems • Mechanical engineering raw materials and equipment • Machine and industrial plant maintenance • Computer-assisted machine design systems • Trade associations • Research • Publications and services

Sheet Metal

The machine shop industry theme displays the latest in the industry’s furniture, equipment and services.

Displayed under the sheet metal theme:
• Metal machine tools • Stock-removing machines • Shaping machine tools • Other machine tools • Additional equipment and furniture • Spare and machine parts • Lubricants and lubrication equipment • Industry armament • Lifting and hauling devices • Welding machines and equipment • Associations, research and publication • Machine shop maintenance and services • CAD/CAM software and equipment • Other services and products of the field

AI and robotics

Artificial intelligence and robotics is a theme which offers interesting innovations for all industries. The exhibitors showcase the most innovative and inspiring businesses, products, services, initiatives and people in the fast growing fields of AI and Robotics


Maintenance theme offers products, services for industrial maintenance and collaboration between different industrial processes. The development of technology and the industrial internet has made maintenance and its forecasting one of the key factors in the improvement of production reliability. Maintenance theme provides concrete solutions for productivity and the management of production assets.

Displayed under the maintenance theme:
• Maintenance services • Maintenance data systems and IoT • Health management • Maintenance management • Maintenance development and production asset management • Logistics • Equipment, spare parts, furniture • Tools • Safety • Design and projecting • Measurement, checking and testing • 3D • Welding


ICT theme is executed in cooperation with The Finnish Information Processing Association, TIVIA.

Displayed under the theme ICT theme:
Service production • Program planning and production • Consultation • User services • ICT connections • ICT program solutions and systems • Telecom solutions and accesseries • Programming companies and their business • ICT governance and technology management • Data security • Information and program techologies • Other products and services 

3D printing

In co operation with Finnish Rapid Prototyping Association, FIRPA