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Teknologia – Programme 2017

There are dozens of speeches on three different stages of technology for three days.

There is an unprecedented program of events, including industrial internet, digital platform economy, the new Innovation area and the innovative Cross Industry Spotlight program. The more accurate program content is updated from early autumn.

Teknologia17 After Party – 11 October

The opening hours of the event have been extended on Wednesday, 11 October. After the traditional trade fair day, we´re still between 17 and 19, when exhibitors’ exhibitions are more relaxed in the spirit of After Work. After the end of the day, the Plaza in hall will host the Technology17 party. The party is free for all registered visitors and exhibitors.

The evening is performed by a Finnish artist, Lauri Tähkä. Drinks and snacks are sold at the serving points. The party starts at 19.00, the band starts playing at 19.30, and the party ends at 22.30.
The Technology17 party’s main sponsor is Beckhoff Automation.