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Exhibit at Teknologia 21

Teknologia 21 is a comprehensive event for industry and techology professionals.  You will meet the whole technology branch at the same time! Become an exhibitor and take advantage of the biggest event this year!




Teknologia 21

Teknologia 21 is a major international technology and industry event whose different parts complement each other. It provides professionals of the field with a comprehensive overview of different industries. Brings together major, well-known operators as well as new, innovative entrepreneurs. In addition to Finland, the whole attracts visitors from the other Scandinavian countries, Russia and the Baltic countries.

Teknologia 21 focus areas:

  • automation
  • electronics
  • hydraulics and pneumatics
  • sheet metal
  • mechanical engineering
  • AI and robotics
  • maintenance
  • ICT

How to take part?

  • You can reserve and design your stand yourself
  • You can select from pre-fabricated options
  • You can be visible at the Messukeskus advertisement spots
  • You can make use of prepared marketing materials
  • You can put together a programme with us


Our Sales Managers are happy to tell you about possibilities. (See contact info underneath)

Hanna Koskela:  automation • electronics • hydraulics & pneumatics • sheet metal • mechanical engineering • AI and robotics • ICT
Nina Nurminen: maintenance



Teknologia 19: Olen kiinnostunut osallistumisesta / I am interested in exhibiting

Täytä tietosi alle ja olemme sinuun yhteydessä. Please fill in information and we will be in touch with you.
Sales Manager

Sales Manager

+358 40 565 1433

Sales Manager (Focus area: maintenance)

Sales Manager (Focus area: maintenance)

+358 40 701 4183

Focus area: maintenance

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