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Teknologia 23
Startup Competition

A competition aimed at startup companies will take place at the Teknologia 23 event at Messukeskus!

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Do you have the next success story in the technology industry?

The main prize of the competition is a winning sum of €10,000 funded by the Finnish Fair Foundation.

The startup competition being organized for the third time in the Teknologia event now seeks the most promising and potential technology growth companies of the year 2023. The prize can be awarded for a significant, creative and inventive technology solution, which may be a new commercial product, method or application.

The purpose of the prize is to highlight new and significant solutions in the technology industry. The Finnish Fair Foundation funds the competition with a sum of 10,000 euros.

The competition is held in collaboration with FIBAN (Finnish Business Angels Network), one of Europe’s largest business angel networks with over 670 investors as members.

Note! Registration for the competition has ended.

The progress of the competition

After the deadline, the jury will select the 5-7 best ideas or solutions from the proposition, which will then proceed to the pitch competition held during the event. The jury will make their selection based on the pitch presentations.

The pitching final will be held on Wednesday 8 November at 14:30–15:30 on the MXSystem stage, and the prize will be awarded the same evening at the Teknologia Party at approximately 19:15. 

The jury

The jury of the startup competition consists of representatives from various technology industry expert organizations.

Antti Lehtimäki (FIBAN)
Elina Koivumäki (FIBAN)
Veli-Matti Kankaanpää (ELKOMIT registered association)
Ossi Ojainmaa (Finnish Fluid Power Association registered association)
Nina Lehtinen (The Robotics Society in Finland registered association
Jan Sucksdorff (The Association of Finnish Technical Traders)
Erkki Mäkelä (Promaint registered association)
Marko Vuorio (Finnish Society of Automation)
Jouni Partanen (FIRPA)
Tatiana Pospelova (Women in Tech)
Päivi Brunou (METSTA)

Get to know the finalists of the Teknologia 23 Startup competition


Coldins has developed a unique and patented insulation solution that can reduce the consumption of electricity used for cooling by up to 10–25%. Globally, the use of electrical HVAC systems accounts for 10–20% of all electricity used in buildings. Every 10% saved is the equivalent to 5 times the production capacity of a country like Finland. Among other benefits, the solution makes it possible to construct better buildings, produce less CO2 emissions and use less power and materials.


Combining data, AI and ESG, Datafarm has its sight set on going global and growing significantly in the next few years. The company provides analytics services and data consultation, focusing mainly on its Data Farm eRating service and developing it further. Data Farm eRating is an automated reporting solution that produces a monthly overview of the carbon footprint of a company or community. The goal of Datafarm’s product development team is to create an ESG reporting platform that is as fully automated as possible.


The goal of Finnadvance is to revolutionise drug development. The company’s patented platform is being developed to accurately predict human outcomes, reducing costs and development time. The company’s ethical, efficient, and cost-effective technology will reduce the consumption of plastic supplies and biological materials in diagnostics and pave the way for personalised medicine, safer medicines, and a sustainable future in the pharmaceutical industry. 




Nelinor has developed the world’s first smart home battery system. The company’s Grid Battery makes it possible for the users to optimise their energy consumption for greener energy. The system monitors spot prices and adapts to the user’s consumption patterns, helping to save energy and money while promoting a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Onit Sport

Onit Sport has developed the innovative SKILLS mobile application to support the mental coaching of children and adolescents. The application provides tools that help children and adolescents strengthen their mental skills. The well-being and versatile mental skills of children and adolescents are the cornerstones of a sustainable future. The application helps its users deal with wins and losses both on and off the pitch, while the accumulated data on well-being is used to promote a culture that focuses on strengthening skills.


The goal of VitalSigns is to streamline physical examinations and improve diagnostic accuracy. The next-generation medical device developed by VitalSigns can simultaneously detect and analyse multiple biosignals while automatically documenting the results and suggesting potential diagnoses to healthcare professionals. Moreover, the device, its application and the AI-based analyses can be used by a wide range of users, including consumers at home, telemedicine platform operators and veterinarians. 

Startup Competition | Hall of Fame

2022 winner – Hidas (Greenele Oy)


The winner of the startup competition at Teknologia 22 event was Hidas (Greenele Oy), which has developed a cloud-based low-power Type 2 electric vehicle charging station.

2019 winner – Skillgrower Oy


The winner of the competition held in 2019 was Skillgrower Oy, which has developed a mathematics learning system for schools that removes barriers to learning and works on all devices.

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