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Networking tool Tavata

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Join the Tavata networking platform to connect with other participants!

Tavata is a user-friendly event and networking platform that allows you to participate in events and enhance your networking experience! Remember to register on the Tavata platform well before the actual event day so you have time to familiarize yourself with the upcoming event, connect with other participants, and schedule your meetings in advance.

Registration on Tavata is completely free!

Registration takes just a few minutes! Scan the QR code with your phone!

Instructions for using Tavata:

You can start scheduling meetings from October 2nd onwards, but you can already preview other participants from the Participants tab in advance.

2. Update your company profile with a logo, description, and any necessary information. Also, invite other members of your company’s booth staff to Tavata. Please note: This applies only to exhibitors of Technology 23.

3. Go to the Participants tab (represented by two adjacent person icons on mobile), explore other participants, network, and schedule meetings! To schedule meetings, simply click on the handshake icon on the chosen participant’s profile card. The meeting tool will be available from October 2nd.

Be active and increase your visibility!

The company that schedules the most meetings by October 23rd will receive visibility on the event’s electronic screens (4 screens) throughout the event, valued at 2,500 €.